【Official】Oita Onsen Business Resort Sourin

An urban resort hotel is born!

All rooms are luxurious rooms with outdoor baths and inner baths.
Feel a villa feeling, please spend an extraordinary moment.

Notice of resumption of new Oita Travel Discount

  • Notice of "Resumption of New Oita Travel Discount"

    "New Oita Travel Discount" has been resumed.

    What is the new Oita Travel Discount?
    You can receive a maximum of 5,000 yen per person from Oita prefecture.
    (Per person,Half-price subsidy for accommodation (up to 5,000 yen)

    Period 2021/6/14 to 12/31
    ※Limited to trips booked by residents of Oita prefecture from June 14th to October 31st, 2021

    Budget is limited, so make a reservation early!
    ※Reservations can be made by phone.Please contact us for details.

We are accepting reservations for "New Oita Travel Discount"

  • We are accepting reservations for "New Oita Travel Discount"

    We are accepting reservations for "New Oita Travel Discount"
    Great news for Oita residents!
    We have started accepting "New Oita Travel Discount" only for those who live in Oita Prefecture!
    What is "New Oita Travel Discount"?
    Living in Oita prefecture, only for travel in Oita prefecture
    You can get a subsidy of half the accommodation fee (up to 5,000 yen)!
    Our hotel, Sourin Oita Onsen is also participating!

    It will end as soon as the budget runs out, so
    Make reservations fast!
    ※Reservations can be made by phone.

Tabibiyori-Club customers of Tabibiyori-Club

  • Tabibiyori-Club limited plan(The period has been extended)

    Thank you for visiting our hotel.
    Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, many customers refrain from traveling
    Direct mail delivery is suspended for the time being.

    The latest information will be posted on our website.
    We appreciate your understanding.

    For details of the plan, click the image to open the pamphlet, so please refer to it.

    ※Call us for plan to publish
    ※GOTO Travel is not applicable from 12/28 to 1/11

    Publication plan period
    From September 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021(Excluding GW period)

The 14th store "Oita Onsen Kyuan" is born in the New Gloria Resort

  • How about another night? The second night is a great deal! 【Holiday consecutive accommodation plan Breakfast included per person 7,000 yen! 】

    Reopened in November 2020
    "Oita Onsen Business Resort Kyuan -Kyuan-"
    An adult hideaway isolated from everyday space ...

    We are currently accepting reservations with a great deal on continuous accommodation plan
    If you stay at this facility, you can stay for the second night at 7,000 per person!
    For more information, see Oita Onsen Business Resort Kyuan
    Please contact us!
    【Holiday consecutive accommodation plan】
    Until 2021/9/30 (Excluding GW / Obon)

    TEL 097-523-0001
  • We are accepting reservations at the opening commemorative price!

    Reopened in November 2020
    "Oita Onsen Business Resort Kyuan -Kyuan-"
    The concept of this hotel is an adult hideaway isolated from everyday space!

    An 8-story hotel with a private open-air bath on the top floor
    You can enjoy the night view of Oita city while soaking in the natural hot springs.

    And as a welcome drink in the lounge (pictured) on the 2nd floor
    Feel free to enjoy draft beer, wine, whiskey and more! (From 15:00 to 24:00)
    A continental breakfast is served in the morning.

    How about the sister building "Oita Onsen Business Resort Kyuan -Kyuan-"?

Accommodation report is being delivered on YouTube!

  • Accommodation report is being delivered on YouTube!

    We have received an accommodation report from the guest who stayed, so it is being delivered!
    An Official YouTube channel will be launched soon!
    SNS in Oita Onsen Business Resort Sourin - Sourin - Please enjoy the charm.
    I would like to continue to send out!

    # Oita Onsen Sourin # Sourin

    We look forward to your contributions!

Click here if you are using the suspended GOTO Travel Campaign

  • Updated September 1 Starting today, you can issue coupons from STAY NAVI!

    From 9/18, STAY NAVI will also start handling highway tour passes!

    If you are staying at this facility and are using the expressway, you can use the expressway reasonably from 9/18.
    After making a reservation from the hotel's Official website, if you obtain a "coupon for accommodation" by yourself at STAYNAVI, "Highway Tour Pass Goto Travel Discount Banner" will be displayed on My Page of STAYNAVI.Please access the dedicated site of each highway company from there and reserve the target plan.※You will be asked to enter the above "accommodation coupon" number during the reservation.

    If you have any questions, please visit the Official website of STAY NAVI.
  • For those who book plan for Goto Travel Campaign

    ※Please be careful※
    Please use local payment as the payment method.

    Jalan you make a reservation from a reservation site such as Jalan or Rakuten Travel, you can issue a coupon with STAY NAVI.
    there is no need.

    Official reservations via the Official website
    It is necessary to separately process the discount application on "STAY NAVI".

    ▼GoTo Travel Procedure▼
    ① Book an accommodation plan on the Official website of the facility.(Excludes day trips)
    ② Access the STAY NAVI member registration page and register as a free member.
    ③ From my page of STAY NAVI,
     Click "Go To Travel Coupon Issue" to register the reservation information.
    ④ Discount coupon will be issued


Google Map

Hotel Name

Oita Onsen Business Resort Sourin


1-10-36 Aozaki, Oita City, Oita Prefecture

Telephone number



5 minutes by car from Ozai Station / 10 minutes by car from JR Tsurusaki Station / 20 minutes by car from JR Oita Station / 10 minutes by car from Miyagawauchi IC
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Accommodation Features·Facility


    Garden in the public space, clear space for healing

    Approach to each room goes through a garden with a fountain.
    On the terrace of the garden, taste a sense of unusualness in the tone of the green gently wind and the fountain.

    Chic space entrance & front desk

    Produce luxurious space of business resort.
    Check in at the front desk at check-in.
    Afterwards, if you receive the key of the room, you can spend your time freely without having to worry about anyone.

    Spacious parking area

    25 parking spaces on the premises.
    It is a spacious and spacious building for suburban business resort hotel
To facility · facility page

Private space with outdoor bath and inner bath in all rooms, spend quality and luxurious time

  • Luxury Private Space

    Oita Onsen Business Resort Sourin
    Oita prefecture also famous nightscape spot "Aosaki" was born,
    It is a new urban resort hotel.

    I want a hot-spring inn which can be used in the vicinity of the city
    I would like to show my relatives and friends in Oita city
    I would like to enjoy hot springs on business trips

    In modern times full of various traveling styles,
    With a desire to provide a comfortable time to remember,
    "Oita hot spring culture boasting of the good old world"
    "Urban facility with state-of-the-art facilities" was fused,
    We propose a new type of urban resort hotel.

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.